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Avc Chinito


Amazing place, cool staff. Got a wonderful experience fully recommend to pass by if you are in the area! I came from Montreal Canada, imagine! So give it a try! Miss you guy's already!

Doris Rose-Wanzer


Meme is the one that does my manicure and pedicure. She's been doing them for years. She's very good. Everyone there is very friendly. Would and have recommended to others

Shannon Judd


For any one looking. I highly recommend this place as well. I love my new haircut and the service was beyond anything I ever expected. Not only did they let me stay in my wheelchair, but asked several times to check my comfort! Even served my family coffee and water. My family will never go anywhere else for our hair. I have never been treated so kindly about my disability and with so much respect!

Christi Tran


Annie has an amazing new store. It is very modern, petit, and has it's own VIP area. Come and check it out! All of the chairs are brand new and it smells really nice and gives off a really professional and at the same time FUN vibe! The store is LIT!!

Amy Peguero


I went last night for the first time. I absolutely loved the place! The lady who did my pedicure and manicure was named My. She took her time and made sure it was absolutely perfect!! I'll be see you every two weeks with my daughter, since they offer a pedi & mani for kids �

Mary Meyer


LOVE Yvonne & all the staff! Well worth the drive to be personally pampered. I'm so relaxed Thank you Kathy!

Denita Norris Blackwell


The customer service is superb and I feel awesome...I want to take their fingers home with me.... The messaging is awesome...

Nancy Barker Rodriguez


I started going to Yvonne back in 2008 at a friend's recommendation. Then I moved away for 3 years and lived in Coronado, CA, which is overrun with salons, yet I couldn't find anyone who knew how to cut and maintain long, lovely layers like Yvonne. I just moved back in the summer of 2013 and went right back to her. Yvonne knows hair!! And her prices are very reasonable.

Tammy L.

San Antonio, TX


Annie is the best. I have had the worse time with haircuts since moving to DMV. Annie looked at my hair and advised me and went to town. First class all the way and I absolutely love my hair and highlights. Will be back! Next time adding a wax and pedi!! Trust me go here.

Erin D.

Springfield, VA


Annie's is a beautiful place- just updated, new owner! Pedi massage chairs are new and awesome. I've been going to Mimi for years, I am a runner and she's the only one who can keep my feet/problem nails fit for running. Everyone is very sweet and accommodating. Can't recommend highly enough.

Jennifer M.

Heinsberg, Germany


Best place I have been to since being in the DMV area! As much as I want to keep Annie all to myself for hair, nails and everything else, she never lets me down and I have to share how amazing her and her staff is! She takes pride in her business and goes above and beyond for her clients! I highly recommend you check out Annie's place! She did an amazing job on my hair! I am never disappointed when I leave!

Dawn Cèline B.

Woodbridge, VA


I've been going to Mimi for a while now and I love her attention to detail. No matter what I throw at her she does a great job. Thanks you

Katie A.

Alexandria, VA


I always have good things to say about Annie.

I used to be her co worker while working at Solace, and she was amazing to work with. She always cares about her clients and does an amazing job on everyones nails. I'm glad she opened up her own place! I now go to her as a client after going through many nail technicians, and I personally love her! I recommend anyone to Annie, because she genuinely cares about her customers and their needs 🙂

Jody T.

Fort Hood, TX


Annie welcomed me herself. It was after hours but her open light was still on. Wonderful pedicure from "My"with nice massage chairs. Great selection of colors too. I am coming back here to get my hair done soon!

J B.

Alexandria, VA


Annie and her staff are wonderful. Very caring and accommodating to all clients. Lots of free parking. Great specials and very peaceful environment. Great mani & pedis.

Annie use to work at Solace Spa for 4 years and just opened her own salon. It is clean, quiet, and welcoming. They aim to please. Come try them out.

Barbara G.

Alexandria, VA


I have been Annie's customer for several years and she is hands down one of the most amazing beauty professionals I have ever met. She always aims to do just what the customer asks for. I am a very picky person and she is always patient and kind. I recommend her and her salon for anyone looking to relax and come out of her spa beautified and refreshed! Give her and her salon a try. If you do, I am sure you will return!

Camille S.

Burke, VA


Bought the Groupon for the fish therapy and pedicure. All of the ladies were nice and accommodating. We went in the morning so the fish were hungry and everything was clean. We were not rushed as we went to the pedi. They did a pretty good job overall and did not push for any added extras.

Madeline B.
Earl D.

Woodbridge, VA


Wife took me here for fathers-day, great feel very friendly and they have awesome service nothing but admiration.

Jennifer H.

Fort Belvoir, VA


My daughter got an updo for prom today from another salon and hated her hair and was very upset with only 2 hours left before prom pictures. Anyone that is a parent of a teenager can understand this crisis. I called Yvonne's salon and they told me to come right in with no appointment in the middle of the day on a Saturday! They got her in right away and Yvonne fixed her hair herself! You really can't put a price on that!!! Thank you Yvonne for saving her prom day and a mothers sanity!

Gabriela D.

Richmond, VA


I really enjoyed it here. I went in for the fish spa pedi, regular mani, and brows. The fish were interesting and different. Would definitely do it again but not on the regular since it's expensive. The spa pedi was AMAZING! Best I've ever had. I had Annie and my mother had Tony. My mother has been a loyal customer at the same salon for 20 years. However, the person who did her pedi at that salon passed away and she's been looking for the right person for a year...and she finally found the right person and said Tony was great.

The only reason I gave the salon a 4 and not a 5 is b/c when I called over the phone, I was informed since I was a new customer I would get a discount and could get the fishy spa pedi and mani for $70. This was confirmed once I got there by, I believe, the manager ( he was a man who was checking in on all the customers to make sure they were satisfied). Once I was done and ready to pay, the lady who took care of me charged me $85. It turns out the manager gave me the wrong price by mistake. That was upsetting as I was told $70 over the phone and again in the salon BEFORE starting and then once I was done it changed. The other reason I gave it a 4 is because my eyebrows were not done well. The shape was great, however, once I got home I noticed little hairs were still there and I had to go through it and tweeze them all out...something that the they should have done when doing my eyebrows.

Overall, this was a great place. I'll definitely go back again. I would recommend Annie or Tony for pedi/mani. However, I would not recommend Annie for eyebrows unless clear instructions are given on how to do eyebrows.

Jennifer V.

Alexandria, VA


Just moved to the area. Needed to find a place in the neighborhood. Website had some nice offers for mani/pedi. Walked in and had a great experience. Vee was great. My feet and hands were showing a lot of winter wear. I didn't feel rushed, just the right amount of pampered. Not high end, but not bargain basement either. Just a nice place for everyday pampering. Didn't do the fish thing. That seems weird.

Christina L.

Washington, DC


The pedicure lasts soooo long. Great mani and eyebrow waxing. She listens well when I ask that they not pull and cut at my big toe. Other places I will walk out and be in pain with an ongrown toe nail within a week. Not here though. I have come twice now on a Friday morning and have had great service. I'm making my way through their other services.

Ginger P.

North Port, FL


I've been a raving fan for over two years now! I have had the fish pedicure, which is different than anything I've ever done. It's amazing, and also FUN to hear people laughing and screaming, because it's so different, and I suspect it's because most people are not used to the feeling (like being tickled) on their feet.

Both Yvonne and Lee (the owners) have done color on my hair and cut and shaped it. They are both EXPERTS in hair color. They both work with you, and you will be very happy with the results.

As for manicures and pedicure, I've walked in without an appointment, and have had the pleasure of having several ladies do both. Annie, Hannah, and Linda, are all exceptional at what they do.

And if that isn't enough, Elena the shampoo woman extraordinaire, will give you a scalp massage that will take any stress you have away.

Everyone at the Salon strives to make you comfortable, relaxed and want to return. You definitely get what you pay for and then some.

The volume of noise gets a bit high on the weekend due to everyone talking and laughing, but you expect that when its the busiest time.

I've sent many people to the Salon since my friend introduced me to Yvonne's, and I highly recommend it.

Megan K.

Alexandria, VA


I have been looking for a clean nail salon relatively close to where I live, that doesn't overcharge. I have been trying a bunch of nail places using groupons, and I think Yvonne's is my new spot.

I tried the fishy pedicure -- it was interesting to try once, but generally not something I'd have a strong desire to do again.

The quality of the mani and pedi was good, and their massage chairs are fantastic.

Anne M.

Burke, VA


I took a friend in with a groupon to have the Dr. Fish pedicure, and we were pleased with the service and quality of work. Sorry to hear that there are more negative reviews than positive here. Perhaps they are learning from their reviews. We were greeted in a friendly manner, no issue with the Groupon, and the pedicure was completely fine. The Dr. Fish area smelled a little fishy, but that should be expected. The decor is a bit too dark for my liking, but the price was commensurate with the experience.

Erin D.

Alexandria, VA


My boyfriend and I purchased a Groupon for the Fish Pedicure on a Saturday morning. We called to make an appointment right afterwards and they were able to schedule us just two hours later.

After turning in our vouchers, we were brought back to the fish spa and told to put our feet in the water. It tickled at first and seemed silly, let's just say the fish had a good meal. The auto feature on the chairs we were sitting on were a bit intrusive---massaging your butt crack---seriously. Turn off the seat if you aren't in to that kind of stuff...

After twenty minutes of the feeding frenzy, we moved to the pedicure chairs where we were cut, filed, massaged and painted. Pedicure success.

The staff here was very friendly, making jokes and helping with our massage chairs to get the settings just right. Some of the chairs here are a little broken down, they could use some general repairs and a new coat of paint on the walls, but other than that, I was very happy with the service they provided.

Elizabeth K.

Metairie, LA


First time there and it was wonderful. My and Anna were to both of us. Would highly recommend and will go back. Thank you

Don Q.

San Antonio, TX


This is the only place that I get my haircut! I am never satisfied with haircuts until I went to Yvonnes. They do a great job every time. Today I had a manicure and pedicure from a groupon that I bought. I was already a customer but wanted to try this out. I was totally satisfied with the entire process. I would highly recommend Yvonnes for any service. The fish thing was pretty cool.

Diana W.

Fayetteville, NC


I am fan of this place. They offer a variety of services and its just a nice place to relax and get worked on.

For all those who have bought Groupons for the Fish Y Pedi/Mani and so forth, please read the fine print. I read everything i can before buying something especially, on the internet these days.

What it clearly states is a 20 minute Real fish swim around feet while gently nibbling away dead skin. If purchasers select the second or third option, a technician will then file and buff nails on hands and feet before coating them in polish.

This means I am not expecting my usual 50 minute, massage feet up to thighs, soak, wax, remove cuticle, cut, file, sand, buff, shine,expert triple coat service. I also read the reviews good and bad to discern that the fish won't take off everything.

Kim B.

Bristow, VA


I bought a deal on groupon for a fish pedicure and a manicure. I'd always wanted to try the fish thing out! When I got in, I realized that the fish pedicure only covers the fish portion and shaping / painting toes. They did offer an upgrade to a spa pedicure for $25 more dollars, that included a thorough leg massage and all the things I love about a good pedicure. I splurged and did it, because I had bought he groupon a month ago and $25 is what I would normally spend on a pedi anyway.

The fish were super fun!!! It tickles a lot, but it is super awkward trying to figure out where to put your feet in the tub, because I didn't want to smoosh any fishes ;). They really do eat all over your feet! After 20 mins, I went over to the pedicure chair. My tech was Annie, and I will fully admit that the spa pedicure she gave me was the absolute best pedicure I'd ever gotten. She massaged and scrubbed and made very sure that she treated my feet and legs well! I will go, and pay their normal prices for a pedi with Annie... While its a little more than my regular place, I felt like the treatment I got was comparable or better than a high end pedicure from a spa. Hopefully I feel the same way on my next visit!

My manicure was good, and I upgraded to gel polish for an average fee. When my polish was a bit translucent after two coats , she happily added a third to make it opaque. The manicure wasn't an over the top great experience, but I have nothing to complain about it.

In all it was a super fun experience and I'm glad I did it! It would be fun to bring an out of town friend there to get the fish experience, but it's definitely not something that I have to do on a routine basis.

Vivian L.

San Mateo, CA


I saw this fish pedicure done on that tv show "I was a contestant on a japanese game show" and thought it was the craziest, these tiny carp fish eating the dead flesh off your feet and in between your toes calling the treatment, Dr. Fish. I was so surprised when I found out that this treatment exists in Alexandria. Being in DC for a conference and having a friend in VA, she picked us up at the metro stop in Huntington and drove us to the salon.

For a 15 minute fish spa and then a pedi, it was $45 before tip. I thought it was a decent price to try the only place in the US that has this treatment that was featured on "The View." Reading the google searched articles all week long, I was kind of a little more mentally prepared than my friends who came for the tickilish feeling you get once the fish go at it on your toes. I was strong and kept my feet in the tank the whole time while my friends pulled their toes up really fast, laughing, and then slowly eased their feet back into the tank of fish.

The feeling was interesting. It didn't hurt. It was just uncommon, unusual, but not painful in any way. I was just fascinated when I looked down in the tank and kept taking pics which I will post in the next week or so.

Next up was the pedi. It was average. They didn't mess up my nail polish or anything and if you don't have slippers, they gave you the disposable ones for free.

As for the salon, it was busy. Yes, it is located in a dinky strip mall in not the best location but hey, they have to keep their overhead low, that's fine. The workers were all very friendly. A lot of the customers were return visitors. And they have to put up with newbies like us coming in daily, screeching, hooting, and hollering when we first dip our toes into the fish water.

The salon is a full hair salon, they do nails, have the fish pedis, tanning booth, and waxing. A girl could probably spend all day in here and come out a new person!

If I lived here, it would be a great place to have a private girls only party or a good place for a bridal shower thing. They said that if you get 10 people or more and book it in advance, you can get a discount on the services and they can close the store down so it's just your private party. You can brng in snacks and drinks and have fun and get pampered.

I'd go again, just to see the looks on my friends faces! I liked the fish.

Caitlin G.

Reston, VA


My mom and I went here after buying that LivingSocial steal a few months back ($40 for mani and fish pedi). It was such a unique experience having fish bite away my feet. At first my mom and I couldn't stop giggling and freaking out but eventually we got used to the feeling.

I remembered reading about pushy sales people in the comments, but they were totally nice to me and my mom. The guy came up and let us smell the different products, and when we said we weren't interested he just dropped it politely and asked us what we wanted to drink. A bit later while we were getting our pedis he noticed we were cold and turned down the air for us. Another lady even brought out some heating pads for us as well. Star treatment for sure!

The mani and pedi themselves were good - not the best but not terrible. Our nail techs were nice, used clean utensils, and listened when we asked questions or wanted something done differently. Annie, my nail tech, did a fantastic job on my nail design. She even let me pick the colors. :]

Yvonne herself was there that day and she seemed to really enjoy her work. She was styling hair and showing the customers some pictures off of her personal camera - just some make up work she had done on a friend. It seemed like a fun, relaxed environment. Not like the typical
rushrushrush of a nail salon.

The only negative I'd say is that these services are normally really expensive (it's $35 for 15 minutes in the fish tank) - I only went because of the deal and I probably wouldn't go back again due to the price.

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